What Is A Cyber Security Assessment?

A cyber security assessment is an in-depth review of your organization’s ability to protect its information assets against relevant threats. Specifically, it is a questionnaire that examines your current defense mechanisms and security posture.

A security assessment examines the effectiveness of an organization’s current controls, policies, and people. Then, it compiles a list of solutions and improvements to address risks and weaknesses.

A security assessment enables businesses to address gaps, manage risks, and allocate resources to better protect their organization.

As a result, when done properly, the assessment can strengthen an organization’s security posture as well as reduce costs.


Who needs an assessment?

what is a cyber security assessment

All businesses can benefit from a security assessment. Regardless of size or industry, a security assessment provides valuable insights and recommendations that allow you to see your security posture from an objective and independent perspective.

A security assessment is especially useful for IT staff and s

upervisors because it provides demonstrable evidence of security vulnerabilities to support budget requests.

Furthermore, an assessment benefits organizatio

ns that are regulated by compliance laws as it provides evidence of abiding by security best practices.

Additionally, small businesses who partner with large corporations are facing increasing pressure to maintain a proficient level of security due to an increase in third-party data breaches. Therefore, a security assessment is increasingly used to vet third-party companies before trusting them with storing, transporting, or using the data their responsible for.

How to take a free cyber security assessment

Vaporvm offers a free cybersecurity assessment It is a 5-minute questionnaire that instantly delivers insights on your security posture.

Vaporvm offers the only free, no registration required, automated cyber security assessment tool available online right now.

Afterward, based on your cyber security assessment results, you and your team will be able to:

Evaluate your current security program
Address gaps and manage risks
Align security strategies with business goals
Reduce costs and improve effectiveness
Identify vulnerabilities across all devices
Provide evidence to support security investments
Develop effective controls
Use threat modeling to identify vulnerabilities

In short, our free assessment lays out the groundwork for your organization to improve its security posture.