Angry Gran Run Game Review

About this project

Angry Gran - I know most of you have played the run game at some point. If you have, you definitely will fall in love with this game because of your role a granny who has been locked up in a mental hospital who is then very angry and plans to escape.

Although you have not tried it yet, you already have a picture in your head of an old lady dressed funny with an angry sour face that is quite irascible and doesn't want to be bothered while making all those around here go crazy. Yet the fact that this title points to a running type of game, somehow tells us that trouble will be present with every step you make.

Angry Gran Run is so spectacular in its genre and it makes you fall completely in love with it. So sit back and relax as you go over this review.

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Currently, this company has 2, 390, 788 monthly app downloads. The most popular apps downloaded are Moto X3M Bike Race Game, and Smashy City, even also Angry Gran Run - Running Game.

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 * About Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run is an amazing run game that was a developer by Ace Viral. This game has unique 3D graphics, suitable for all ages.

The game is like itself tile: “Angry Gran Run”.Three words will perfectly describe what this will be all about, an angry granny running.

Like most games, When you open it for the very first time, the tutorial option pops up and you get to learn the basics.

- Here are the main menu lets examine a few things here

As you can see, there are the mission, daily tasks, store, costume and gear icon. I can explain some buttons

+ Costume Button: To change the costume, you will need coins, but other costumes only require things to unlock, like the things you can get while running. So you need to collect the required number, then you can unlock some costumes.

+ Store: Here you will see Powerups that are not automatically turned on. So you have to acquire coins first then manually turn them on by upgrading them for the first time. Of course, the upgrades cost coins gained from playing. More coins button will lead you to the page where you can buy coins with real money.

+ Gear icon: Here you can customize sound volume, image color, and lean sensitivity. Since this game is very easy and easy to access the game, it doesn’t have to have complicated settings. So you can actually change the device’s sensitivity in terms of tilting it. Other running games don’t have this feature so this is an interesting feature of this game.

Entering the game, you are incarnated as an angry grand lady. You fast rushing out the doors of "Angry Asylum" whereas you may have guessed you had been locked for having some behavior issues.

Once you rush out of that house, your task is to run and jump to avoid all the obstacles you find on your way, since those obstacles are capable of stopping you from getting out of the mental asylum.

The streets are full of obstacles, where some of them are parts of the real world such as parked cars, people at work moving a large sheet of glass, clothesline, barriers, a flying zeppelin, holes in the middle of the road, a big truck and some more. And others are delusional probbly existing only in your head. They are quite funny: an alien flying ship that landed right in the middle of the road with three little green aliens, a big wale, a giant rolling soda can, and a green dinosaur.

No matter what obstacles you have, they are real or just your imagination. You really need to jump or slide over every single one because otherwise it's game over for you.

Don't worry about these obstacles, because the game will have interesting instructions for you, it is very easy to understand, as there are arrows and wordsthat explains what you need to do in details. So with the help of this amazing tutorial you know what to do in the game. As you can see in the picture above, the control of the game is very easy.

When I wrote this review, I was still a person who enjoyed playing computer games, even though this game has on mobile devices. Playing games on a computer is an interesting experience, if you do not believe, after reading this review, you can try it right on your computer. When you play on the PC, you just use AD keys and arrow keys to move by moving left and right or jumping up and down to overcome obstacles.

An interesting thing in this game is that you can collect coins on your way, even if you kick the groups of people moving on the road and you also receive a gold coin for everyone you kick. Collecting the gold coins you can buy all sorts of upgrades such as invincibility, sprint, coin multipliers, double jumps, resurrection, etc. and funny costumes/characters.

 * Basic features

  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Good objective
  • Amazing gameplay
  • Easy to understand

 * How to play

The controls are divided into two separate parts on the keyboard with the AD keys and Arrow keys:

  • UP and Down arrows key to jump or slide.
  • AD keys to move from left to right in order to avoid obstacles or kick a punk guy
  • Left and Right arrows to take the street corners.

 * Graphics and Music

The game has unique graphics but it is not realistic, it can suitable for my children. It’s kind of a kid’s game judging by its graphics. The sound and music are pretty unique. The granny will just shout or whatever whenever she bash punks.

Besides, the music is very lively just like the game itself. The sound effects are also unique like in collecting coins. Collecting coins does not sound like you are collecting coins. It does not sound like coins so it’s a bit different from the other games. The choices of colors in the game is excellent since it sets the mood of being lively. It is not like the other games which have dull and dark colors so this is a good point for the game.

 * Conclusion:

Angry Gran Run is the best free 3D running game! If you love grandma games then you will love this cool free running game. These are the most popular, suitable for everyone. It is very fun and addictive. So today, I'm here and would recommend it to people who are looking for a new running game or those that just need to kill boredom.

Angry Gran Run can be played while you are bored and even in public transport or somewhere, so for me, this game is a must-have.