Ruby Jay on "Holly Hobbie", the new Disney series: "It is important to see a strong girl on screen"

Holly Hobbie is 76 years old, an illustrator and created in the 1960s a work of art starring a girl who loved cats and wore a big blue hat. Her piece, however, became very popular in the following years, when artist Bob Childers decided to make this creation a toy for girls: the doll that was named after its creator.



Since then, Holly Hobbie became an iconic figure to the point of staying current to this day. Not for nothing, Disney Channel decided to launch a series based on her and starring Ruby Jay , a 16-year-old actress whose early career already includes participation in major series such as " Modern Family " and " Grey's Anatomy ", in addition to a memorable role as Scavenger in the video game " The Shelter: A Survival Story ."

What can you expect from this new " Holly Hobbie " of the 21st century? Wear a new outfit, but keep the essence of the original: a teenager with an optimistic outlook on life that fosters the values ​​of friendship. And also a lot of music, as Jay told RPP Noticias during a press conference. " Yeah, there are a lot of songs on 'Holly Hobbie' that I've had the opportunity to perform in season one and two, " he commented.

At the media meeting, Jay said she had to do a little research before he stepped into the role of a 1960s doll. " I spoke with some members of my family, because one of my aunts had a Holly Hobbie, " she said. And she added that she was "excited to see how the children of the world are going to react" to the series. The sixties doll seeks new followers in generations to come.


With " Holly Hobbie " there seems to be no generation gap. In it, the old saying that a classic never goes out of style is fulfilled. What fascinated, for example, Ruby Jay about playing this character? “She is very passionate about the things that happen in her town, in the composition of her songs and knowing what happens with her friends so that they stay together. He's not afraid to show his passion for things, ”he said.

A passion that seems to be a trait in common with its interpreter, who began his career at the age of five, confessed to being in love with Broadway- style musical theater and aims to become the voice of many children who will grow up seeing it on the small screen. . “ I am incredibly grateful to be an influence for the next generation . It is a great opportunity to promote kindness, "she said.

No wonder: her incarnation of the doll brings with it the challenge of putting in the eyes of her viewers a female model who does not allow herself to be beaten by the challenges of life. " It's important that they see a strong girl on screen, " Jay acknowledged . " You can be strong, but people can screw things up sometimes and it's okay to make mistakes that you can fix later ," she added.

Through a series that talks about friendship and the importance of finding a place in the world, Ruby Jay also strives to convey this philosophy on her social media. Above all, from his Instagram account, where she shares his musical news to his more than 400 thousand followers, among others of an acting nature. What can you expect from this young Disney star ? For now, a participation in the second season of the series " The Unicorn " and possibly more music. We will have to be vigilant.