Printing Your Very Own T-Shirts

Is it accurate to say that you are sick of perusing the stores looking for the ideal T-shirt? One that would have a structure that you like, however that would likewise make you emerge from the group. Have you thought of doing your own structure and printing it on the T-shirt without anyone else? Here are a few thoughts on the best way to achieve that.

A straightforward strategy – your printer

After you have picked the structure on your PC, get the shirt you need to print on. It would be better in the event that you had washed the T-shirt previously, just to ensure there is no earth caught between the shirt and the image. Presently ensure the picture is the size you need and simply press the print catch. After it's printed, cut the outskirts of the picture on the paper and put it on the shirt the manner in which you need it to show up on it. Presently, utilizing the exchange paper you have, take one paper and lay it up over the image on your shirt. Next, take the iron and press it delicately over the image with the exchange paper over it and move the iron over the whole picture and keep the iron for 2-3 seconds on each area of the image. Ensure you have secured everything. Presently you should simply expel the exchange paper from your shirt and it's finished!

Screen printing

This is another strategy for printing your very own T-shirt, however it includes some hardware and more work/time.

Beginning: subsequent to having settled on the plan you need, cut it out of the paper you drew it on. Utilize a blade that enables you to be definite with your cuts. Cut the pieces of the picture that you need to paint on the T-shirt and leave the remainder of the paper unblemished. Presently prepare your screen. You can either purchase a pre-made one or make one yourself.

Spot concealing tape around the edges of the underside of the screen (the underside is the side that contacts the texture of the T-shirt). Ensure there is no work appearing around the edges. In the event that there is, spread the edges that appear or else you could have paint spill over the edge of the structure paper onto your shirt, so be cautious!

Lay the T-shirt on a level surface and ensure there are no wrinkles. Spot the paper stencil on above it and after that put the screen on top, ensuring everything is straight. Spread a little measure of ink at the highest point of the screen (about a tablespoon). For ink, it would be simpler on the off chance that you utilized screen printing texture ink. At that point hold the screen down with one hand and with the other one, place the squeegee over the ink to pull it down along the screen. Rehash until the entire plan has been secured with ink and hang tight a little for it to douse into the T-shirt.

To end, lift the screen up gradually, beginning at the base. Give the shirt a chance to dry and ensure the ink isn't contacted. When you are done, wash the screen in virus water and clean it with a wipe to get the ink out and after that let it air dry.

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